Istanbul is a city on its way from the past into the future, the link between Europe and Asia, a melting pot of religions and cultures. It was predestined to be a location for a PLDC 2015 warm-up. Something exciting is happening here on a grand scale that is valid for many other metropolises around the world: the dawning of a new era in architectural design featuring the impact of new media and digital technologies.

At the PLDC warm-up in Istanbul around 250 lighting designers and architects had the opportunity to discuss the chances and risks of modern architecture and digital light in existing cities with historical roots and origins. Tapio Rosenius, Koert Vermeulen, Allan Ruberg, Nadine van Amersvoort and Teun Vinken provided their input based on projects they have realised around the globe.

In the world of architecture there is nothing as exciting as the development of a new market. An openness towards modern architecture and the willingness to invest in the future provide a fruitful basis for true visions. However, taking that crucial step is only possible when there is international know-how and experience available to ensure a sound development cannot only be embarked upon, but also built upon.

With the Istanbul conference 2014, a platform was created that will activate the lighting market in Turkey and provide it with an international context.