A new era has begun

Six workshop heads and fifty-two participants from 16 different countries and four continents travelled to Alingsås, Sweden this September to participate in the traditional PLDA workshop. Participants flew in from Jamaica, the USA and the Republic of South Africa to be part of “Lights in Alingsås 2010”. After a week of hard work the six groups finished their work and handed their projects over to the city.
The town of Alingsås once again proved that the Lights in Alingsås workshop produces good examples of professional lighting design.

With the move to the new old museum building, the oldest building in town, the organisers are taking the next step to establish Alingsås as a city of light. The guided tours start and finish in the museum building, and seminars on the topics of “Daylight” and “Urban Planning” are taking place during the weeks after the workshop.

Alingsås is known around the world as the “mother of all workshops” and lighting designers often refer to the town and workshop when talking about light. Many lighting designers have been to Alingsås, as participants or workshop heads, and sometimes even both!

This year’s workshop heads were Allan Ruberg, PLDA/DK, Malcolm Innes, PLDA/UK, Emrah Baki Ulas, PLDA/AUS, Karen van Creveld, PLDA/UK, Deike Canzler/S and Charly Reger/D. Together with their teams, the workshop heads created new examples of lighting in urban residential areas, landscape lighting, street lighting, light art and lighting design, offering the users warm and safe spaces for the hours after dark.

The workshop was accompanied by a one-day conference on Friday, 24. September, 2010, which included the groups’ 10-minute project presentations at the end of the day.