The future lies in education
Knowledge and education are necessary to make progress in life and to actively shape your personal way forward. Education in the field of lighting design has been part of our portfolio for more than ten years now and our Educational Events Division is well established in this sector. The team has gathered extensive experience with the organisation and handling of internal educational programmes as well as the execution of events for partners / clients. VIA Events is globally the leading organiser of large-scale practical workshops on lighting design with more than 15 years’ experience.

Networking is the basis for forming professional relationships.
VIA Events organises a variety of social events for the Professional Lighting Design community and related industry sectors. Get-togethers and cultural evening activities provide the perfect setting for making new business contacts and for renewing long-term work relationships in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The VIA Events team members have a wealth of experience in organising get-togethers and celebrations of various kinds and are known for their friendly, professional quality – and their dancing skills.