The conference event which was held from 12. – 14. February, 2015 in Bangalore has grown over the past three editions (2010, 2011, 2014), all of which were held in Panjim, Goa and is thus orienting itself towards larger locations and markets.

In response to the popular demand to scale up the event and expose it to a greater design community, Lights in Goa 2015 has moved to the Garden City of Bangalore. Bangalore is a beehive of construction activity and a home to greatly accomplished design fraternity. It is the IT hub of India and comprises a number of multinational campuses. This has spurred development and the demand for high-end residences, hospitality for business and leisure travellers, shopping malls and cinemas, lifestyle developments such as golf clubs and high-end retail and car showrooms.

VIA Events was again partnering with the organisers KJS Events and is supporting the event with the coordination of the conference programme. National and international lighting designers and architects will be sharing their expertise on cutting-edge topics relating to the lighting design market, locally and from an international point of view.

The event comprised conference presentations, practical workshops, discussion sessions, a manufacturers’ exhibition, a panel discussion on stage and special evening events.

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