13th Lights in Alingsås: Everything under control

For the 13th time internationally established and experienced lighting designers made their way to Alingsås/S, a small town about a 30-minute car drive east of Gothenburg. From 24. to 29. September the town hosted the annual PLDA-format workshop. Seven professional lighting designers headed six groups of students and young designers from the field of lighting design and related professions to create exemplary, alternative lighting solutions for urban projects. The participants go through the entire design process in just four days: together the group analyses the site, taking into account its history, how the area is used and the existing lighting situation, and develops a concept based on these findings. In a third step the scheme is installed.
In accordance with lighting market trends, five of the six sites in this year’s workshop incorporated dynamic lighting into their design solutions, thus demonstrating that controlled lighting plays an increasingly important role in a lighting designer’s scope of work. Thanks to ongoing support from our partners in the lighting industry, the participants were able to work with cutting-edge equipment to experiment and develop their innovative designs.

This, the 13th year, was the last year in which VIA was commissioned to organise the workshop in Alingsås in the name of PLDA. A change in the format and a different approach and target are currently being discussed by the parties responsible. It remains to be seen what will be implemented in Alingsås in the coming years.
The Educational Events Division of VIA will continue to offer high-quality educational events and workshops, but with new partners.

The following lighting designers headed the teams of altogether 40 participants plus 24 student electricians:

Melanie Rosenthal/D and Meike Gössling/HK: The linking underpass
Denise Fong/USA: The three bridges
Maurice Asso/RL: The white house
Arto Heiskanen/FIN: The housing estate
Brendan Keely/UK: Plantaget park
Graham Festenstein/UK: The water site