A group of educators, who got their heads together six months ago to discuss the contents and format for a pre-convention meeting for Educators at PLDC 2013 and discovered they had a lot more on their agenda than could be handled in a two-hour session prior to the global event, are currently seriously discussing founding an organisation/association for educators teaching Lighting Design at all levels: academic programmes, modules for architects and planners from related disciplines, electrical engineers, clients and end users.

The association would be purposefully outward-looking and also address the issue of CPD for professionals and include expertise from the lighting industry.

A face-to-face meeting was held on 25. and 26. February in Copenhagen/DK, and the Agenda of that meeting is to be mirrored in Philadelphia on the occasion of Lightfair. Prior to the pre-convention meeting at PLDC 2013, a questionnaire will be disseminated to Lighting Design educators and researchers worldwide, outlining the objectives defined to date and inviting educators teaching Lighting at all levels and to different target groups to give their input and ideas.

Educators and researchers will be invited to attend the pre-convention meeting in Copenhagen on 30. October, 2013 at the Bella Center, which will be defining the way forward for this dedicated group of professionals.